Smart Science Latest Issue V5N5 2017

19 Sep 2017

Smart Science has just published its latest issue V5N5 2017 at

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Dear Professor,
I am writing to cordially invite you to submit your unpublished and excellent articles to “Smart Science” (ISSN: 2308-0477). Smart Science (ISSN 2308-0477) has been accepted for converge in the Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI) by Web of Science. We welcome submissions of high quality papers from all fields of science and engineering. The papers submitted to the journal will have a least 2 independent review reports. Upon acceptance, the papers are published within 1 month. The publication fee is free.
Papers are expected to be submitted at Online Submission with the Authors’ Instructions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,


Prof. Te-Hua Fang

Prof. Chien-Hung Liu

Prof. Cheng-Chi Wang

The journal’s specific focus the research areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart Science and Manufacturing
  • Smart Computing , Modeling and Analysis
  • Smart Sensing and Automation System
  • Big Data Researches
  • Smart Energy and Thermal/Fluidic science
  • Smart Biotechnology and Materials
  • Smart Surface Science and Nanotechnolog

Editorial Board:

Prof. Costas P. Grigoropoulos, Prof. Ralph Greif,Prof. Cha’o-Kuang Chen, Prof. Wen-Yuh Jywe, Prof. Chun-Yen Chang, Prof. Seung Hwan Ko, Prof. Renkun Chen, Prof. Chuanhua Duan, Prof. Ichiro Ueno, Prof. Hironori NAKAJIMA, Prof. Hirofumi HidaiProf. Ping-Shan Lai, Prof. Si-Yu Li, Prof. Hojeong Jeon, Prof. Jung Bin In, Prof. RS Beniwal,Prof. Yu-Bin Chen,Prof. Hsin-her Yu, Prof. Ming-Tsang Lee, Prof. David T.W. Lin, Prof. Sheng-Chung Tzeng, more.