Lulus Arga Kustyarso


Political life in the State which adopts a liberal, of course, different from those living in socialist or communist country. Political life of the people of Indonesia are always based on the values of Pancasila. Pancasila is the foundation and goal of our nation's political life. An increasingly democratic political life was marked by the opening of the channel with the political aspirations of society, such as the freedom to establish political parties, freedom of speech, presidential election, vice president, members of the legislative as well as regional head directly, should always be based on the values of Pancasila. When associated with political education, the understanding of Pancasila as political ethics is one part of the political education given purpose. Education in Indonesia is an effort to create quality human resources and based on the philosophy of the nation and the nation's outlook on life that is Pancasila. Citizens are expected to have the political skills that have a critical attitude and able to take an alternative solution of political problems that exist around it. Political education is a systematic educational efforts and thorough for every citizen in order to form citizens who have the political awareness and participation in political life intelligently and responsibly. The basic principle of political ethics in a practical realization in life is always carried out correlative state. Political ethics should also be realized by each individual concretely involved in the implementation of the State government.

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