ASPEK HUKUM E-COMMERCE ( E-Commerce Di Indonesia Dan Perlindungan Terhadap Konsumen)

Sigit Purnama


One of the development of IT, telecommunications and computers is the birth of transaction model that does not need to be met directly or. Transactions simply done by using electronic media ie internet media. This transaction is known as electronic commerce (e-commerce). In the field of commerce, the Internet began to be used as a medium for many business activities mainly because of its contribution to efficiency. In the midst of an increasingly integrated global communications (global communications network). With the growing popularity of the Internet as if has made a world of shrinking (shrinking the world) and increasingly diminish the boundaries of the following state sovereignty and order society. Computer as a tool for humans to support the development of information technology has helped access to the network public network (public network) in conducting the transfer of data and information.
Keywords: transaction models, electronic commerce (e-commerce), a global communications network, public network.

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