Nismatun Faizah


Pancasila and the religion of Islam is very important for our next generation of the nation that would be a good leader. Pancasila and the basic of religion and philosophy of life that is very fundamental. The second thing that becomes a filter for all people, especially for Indonesian is known for its culture which kindly. Indonesia is also well known for having the world’s largest Islamic population. Influence globalization almost makes Indonesia lost their identity, in which Pancasila and religion have started to be abandoned by most of the people of Indonesia. Indonesia is also displaced many violations occur due to acts that are not based on the religion thay became the guide of human life. Cultural values that we should be maintained with great force. Indonesian society and the moral character almost as well be abandoned. Values,morals, and ethnic into everyday life rules are ignore. And this makes us tend to imitate othersr prefer to leave the complexion with cultureand religion that we have. So to fix it possible we could inculcate Pancasila and religion through formal anviroments on alone But to all communities in Indonesia we should give the best thing for the dean of nation.Pancasila and the essence of teligion is a filter in our lives in doing things.

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