“Implementasi Pancasila melalui Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan”

Dhewa Cahya Saputra


Seeing that the dogmatic ideology (political ideology) Indonesia, Pancasila which contains the basic standards of the ideal, is the loyalty race, national identity and the foundation in supporting the development of character Indonesian. Puzzle in the current era of reform has not been solid Pancasila contextualization and implementation of national life and citizenship. Media in Pancasila implement standards that can be created through civic education (citizenship). Previous studies have found that the Pancasila is the basis states (basis State) in which the nucleus as a national ideology (national Ideology) Indonesia. Pancasila as state ideology and national Core philosophy of science, juridical and opinionated. Residency (citizenship education) joined in the role in implementing Pancasila and internalization of standards for citizens form the substance of research: the basic norm of the state (staatfundamentalnorm), the value of shared (common values) and the basic core beliefs of race (base Principle). All three can be used as Pancasila educate the nationality Indonesia.
On the other distribute, residency education (civic education) is a form of
those to support and streng then
supporting group of people. Civic education through shared ethics
which is an internalized obligation to a group of people so with the intention of
growing appreciation of it.
Early studies found with the intention of the Pancasila is the basic state (basic of
state) in which a significance as a citizen ideology (national
Ideology) Indonesia. Pancasila as the state and citizen ideology
significance philosophical, juridical and supporting science. Education
Residency (civic education) comedy roles in implementing
and internalize the ethics of Pancasila to citizens in
form the substance of the study: The basic norm of the state (staatfundamentalnorm), the appraise
laid back (common values) and the basic ethics of people (nation basic
principle). All three can be used as didactic material in the Pancasila
residency in Indonesia
Kata Kunci : Pancasila, civic education, common value, ideology, implementas, pancasila

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