Catriana Mega Septia


The harmony of member of member by religious is yearn of every people. All of member by religious want harmonious and peaces on the society life and citizen life all at once at doing act ofdevotion which based by first sila, that is “Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa”.
Often we meet on the daily life on our circle often meet some defferent suggestion between the member of a religius comunity with other. That often appear a disagreement with other relligion. But on the base of Indonesian state (Pancasila) arrange that every citizen must be alive harmonius with other religion like writeln on the first moral principle says “Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa”. Like what we describe on this working paper which we give title “Kerukunan Hidup Antar Umat Beragama di Indonesia”.
Methode which we use in this research that is with methode or nearly historitical, sociological, and juridical. Methode historitical is methode according the history of harmonious another relligion betweeen the member of a relligius comunity in Indonesia. The relation between the harmonious with other the member of a relligius comunity on this working paper with historitical like this, methode sociological is science which studied the society, behaviour society, and behaviour social of people with inspect behaviour of comunity which building of them and juridical is methode which studying a problem which relation with the law on that state.
This research producted had relation with a harmonisously between the member of a relligius comunity that is a place of a humanisious of relligion life, the happen why the humanisious of the member of a relligius comunity is broken the broken of difference of the member of a relligius comunity what happen difference between the member of a relligius comunity and government.

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